8 Ways to Use a Neck Lanyard


Lanyards make it Easy to Find Keys

when used as a keyring, lanyards make your keys highly visible. The length of fabric, especially bright colored fabric, can help you locate a lost set of keys or work ID easily- whether they got dropped between couch cushions or lost in a cavernously large purse or gym bag.

Impossible to lose in a purse, our pineapple lanyard is always easy to find
Impossible to lose in a purse, a lanyard is always easy to find

Lanyards Increase Personal Safety

Coming home after dark is often the time that a person is most vulnerable to person-to-person violence, having your keys on a lanyard means they can be found and gripped easily using only your sense of touch, helping increase personal safety.

keeping keys tethered during an international vacation is as simple as connecting your hotel, hostel, or Air BnB key or keycard to your backpack via lanyard.
keeping keys tethered during an international vacation is as simple as connecting your hotel, hostel, or Air BnB key or keycard to your backpack via lanyard.

Lanyards Are Handy

If you have your keys, ID, bus pass, etc attached to a long lanyard, they are easy to find, even when you are not wearing the lanyard around your neck. Items can be securely placed into a purse, pocket, or backpack with the fabric lanyard extending out of the bag so when you need your keys or ID in a hurry- you simply grab the part of the lanyard hanging free. – In some situations, especially unsafe areas after dark- being able to access your keys or bus pass can be an important part of personal safety.

Never lose your wallet, clip it on a lanyard connected to your bag.

Lanyards are Great for Kids (and Adults!)

Hanging important items like housekey, bus pass, or name tag from your neck is helpful for adults and indispensable for kids and teens. The soft fabric of good lanyards means they aren’t scratchy- so are more likely to be worn all day.

Lanyards Make Great Conference Nametag Holder

A lanyard on hands means you can remove that scratchy cord lanyard that came with your event credentials and replace it with a comfortable professionally-modest or bold-printed conversation-starter lanyard at conferences and professional meetings. It’s not only comfortable and useful, but when you are wearing a stylishly coordinated lanyard at an event, it’s a talking point for entering a conversation with new people.

Lanyards are Perfect for Holding ID Badges and Security

Many institutions and organizations recognize the value of badges being worn and displayed on the job. Locating your work photo ID on your chest, hung by a lanyard, assures others that you are who you claim, are in an area where you belong, and allow your work to continue without distraction.

Stylish Lanyards

With so many styles of lanyard, you can find a style or pattern to suit your style. Lanyards are especially popular with hospital and school staff, where seasonally matched lanyards are a playful way to express spirit in institutional environments. We also have many teenage clients- for whom expressive lanyard(s) can help empower creative-identity and counter the identity-stripping requirement to wear an ID at school.

Lanyards Have Countless Uses

Whether you are backpacking overseas or just running to the grocery store, lanyards come in handy in a hundred different ways! In the photo below, you can see how one customer uses her lanyard to secure her luggage to her seat while napping during international train travel- discouraging most would-be thieves by making the bag difficult to quietly take.

Lanyards and  Safety

Safety lanyards are a genre of lanyards unto themselves- usually involving a clip at the back of the neck. Many lanyards are not breakaway lanyards, and if you plan to wear your lanyard around your neck, you should avoid this type.


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